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Polish Equestrian Legends

People, horses, events, stud farms, equestrian clubs . . .

History of the independent Poland shown through history of horse-riding, horse breeding and racing

The riders and the soldiers – the Nations Cup-winners for Poland, Nice 1925.

From left: Lt Col Karol Rómmel, cavalry captain Adam Królikiewicz, Gen. Władysław Anders, cavalry captain Henryk Dobrzański,
Lt. Kazimierz Szosland.


A purpose of the project Polish Equestrian Legends ( is to remind and emphasise the role of the people, Polish patriots, who made a special contribution to development of breeding, equestrian sport and manege in Poland. We will also show the horses that are recorded in Polish history of horse breeding, equestrian sport and horse racing thanks to their results at hippodromes worldwide. Many Polish artists were in love with these beautiful animals and they immortalized them in their paintings, photographs and sculptures. We will make mention on them, too.

This project will also emphasize the role of historical and equestrian events that made a special contribution to the positive image of Poland worldwide.

If, as a result of its realization, young people come to know the interesting and fascinating history of Poland shown through history of horse breeding, equestrian sport and racing, we will acknowledge the project as successful.

Polish Equestrian Legends were entered into the Register of Journals and Magazines on November 12, 2021, by the decision of the District Court in Bielsko-Biała, I Civil Division (register number 979).

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Artur Bober – the originator of the following projects: Polish Equestrian Legends and Polish Digital Equestrian Library

Polish team at competitions in London 1925 (photo NAC)

From left: cavalry captain Adam Królikiewicz, cavalry captain Zdzisław Dziadulski,
Lt Col Karol Rómmel, cavalry captain Henryk Dobrzański, and Lt. Kazimierz Szosland.

The first win of Poland at Nations Cup, Nice 1925 (photo NAC)

From left, behind Gen. Władysław Anders (the team chief), lieutenant colonel Karol Rómmel, cavalry captain Henryk Dobrzański, cavalry captain Adam Królikiewicz, Lt. Kazimierz Szosland, Lt. Władysław Zgorzelski.

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