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Guardians: Służewiec Racecourse

An architect. A graduate of Architecture Faculty of Technical University of Warsaw (1927). Author of (among others) Służewiec Racecourse concept.


Born on July 20, 1901 in Bebra (Courland), died May 7, 1978 in Philadelphia (USA).

Count Zygmunt Plater-Zyberk designed houses and tenements in modernistic style in Warsaw, e.g., a dwelling house at Aleja Szucha (1934) – a modernistic house with elements of neo-expressionism and naval elements (the outjets locating staircases had round windows like bull’s eyes). He also designed the houses at ul. Chocimska 25 and ul. Senacka 10 as well as the tenement at ul. Puławska 20 (ul. Narbutta corner).

He was a main designer of the Służewiec Racecourse complex in Warsaw that was open on 03 June 1939.

Below, you can find an interesting archival article of 1929 wherein problems occurring during building the Służewiec Racecourse are described.

You can see how architects and visionaries of that time got along with them: “Nowy Tor w Służewcu” (1929) – Editorial Office of ‘Jeździec i Hodowca’ magazine (click to go to Polish Digital Equestrian Library).

Source: Jeździec i Hodowca 1929 no. 48 p.710-717

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„Nowy tor wyścigowy na Służewcu” (1939) – Zygmunt Plater-Zyberk

„Nowy Tor w Służewcu” (1929) – Redakcja czasopisma Jeździec i Hodowca

Track reconstruction project – 1928.
Zygmunt Edward Plater-Zyberk was buried at the Holy Trinity Cemetery in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, USA.