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Designed by R. Jurgens from Hamburg. Put into operation in 1907, in 75th anniversary of existence of Silesian Union of Horse Breeders and Horse Racing. 

Within the racing season 2011, Partynice in Wrocław was visited by 18,000 racing spectators. This year, 2022, the public in number 21,000 came only on one day, Opening of the Season. These numbers illustrate what has occurred for these years.

The latest history of Partynice in Wrocław started on 01 September 2013. It was a day of reactivation of Partynice Racecourse in Wrocław.

Two years before, in 2011, the City Council adopted a resolution on combination of two budgetary units of the city: Partynice Racecourse in Wrocław and Youth Sport Centre. So, on 01 January 2012, Sport, Horse Riding and Leisure Centre in Wrocław. It had been acting only for little longer than one and a half of year.

Then, my experience with the race track in Wrocław started. Before, I was a journalist, a chief editor of “Gazeta Wyborcza” in Szczecin and Wrocław, with a break for a one year’s job as a sub-editor of the metropolitan edition of “Gazeta Wyborcza”. But farther back, that is from always, I was a horseman.

I won a contest and became a chief of the Race Track, with my concept chatted away with racing and equestrian circles, and I implement it – with some corrections resulting from a variable external situation (a ruling party PiS, a pandemic, an inflation, a war) – with a team of people addicted to the business.

There were three basic assumptions: 1. a European Racecourse, 2. a professional leisure, 3. a base for modern trainings.


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Author: Jerzy Sawka, a director of Partynice Racecourse in Wrocław

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