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Guardians: Wojciech Mickunas’s immediate family

A rider. A participant of Olympic Games (Munich 1972 – groom Paweł Wierzbicki, Seoul 1988 – as a team coach – placed fourth), a multiple medallist of Championships of Poland, a triple participant of European Three Days’ Event Championships. A journalist and an excellent bard.


He was born on 16 March 1947 in Sompolno near Koło as a son of Jan (a major, an esteemed trainer) and Janina Budziński. Ha was a graduate of First General Secondary School named after K. Marcinkowski in Poznań (1964) and the local Agricultural Academy (Zootechnic Faculty, 1968), and Academy of Physical Education (1978) as a Master of Science in physical education (professional qualification: sport); he was a competitor (178 cm, 70 kg) and Three Days’ Event specialist: Chyszów Stud Farm, near Tarnów (1960-1962), Equestrian Centre in Poznań 1962-1969), LZS Racot (1970-1973) and Legia (Stara Miłosna) (1973-1976). He made his debut (1961) at competition in Łąck on the mare Hersylia. Then, he moved together with his parents to the centre at Wola in Poznań wherein he developed his talent under his father’s leadership. Once, his father wrote that Wojciech was “brave, resistant and deft”.

The leading Polish rider (1965-1972) specializing in Three Days’ Event but starting in dressage, too. Champion of Poland in Three Days’ Event twice (1969, 1972); a runner-up twice: in dressage (1968) and in Three Days’ Event (1968); a quadruple II vice-champion of Poland: in Three Days’ Event (1965, 1970, 1971) and dressage (1969) on: Zawrat, Dżemila (4 medals), Giecz and Armator. He started unsuccessfully at European Championships (1967, 1969, 1973) on Dżemila, Dźwięk and Dariusz.

Upon termination of his career as a competitor, he started working as an equestrian trainer and populariser, among others at LKS Hubertus in Biały Bór (1976-1977), Lumal Three Days’ Event Section in Zielona Góra (with its seat in Drzonków) 1978-1983, and also, he was a trainer of Polish Three Days’ Event Team that was placed fourth at Olympic Games in Seoul (1988). Stanisław Jasiński (from Stara Miłosna) is Mickunas’s pupil. A Sport Champion. He is married (Zofia) and has two daughters: Barbara (1971) and Bogna (1972).


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