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A silver team medallist of Olympic Games in Moscow 1980, a multiple medallist of Championships of Poland in show jumping. A riding instructor.


He was born in Kwidzyn on 23 October 1950. Kwidzyn district, Gdańsk voivodship. His father: Jan. His mother: Hanna Wójcik from home. His sister: Krystyna. His brothers: Ryszard and Andrzej. His wife: Stanisława Madej from home. His daughter: Karolina. His sons: Sławomir, Krzysztof, Maciej. A graduate of a Mechanical School and Equestrian Trainer School. A competitor of Country Equestrian Sports Club ‘Nadwiślanin’ in Kwidzyn.

Olympic Games
Moscow, 20th July – 3rd August 1980 – at the Nations Cup: silver medal on Norton, together with Jan Kowalczyk on Artemor, Marian Kozicki on Bremen and Janusz Bobik on Szampan. He was placed sixth in Individual Show Jumping on Norton.

European Championships in show jumping:
Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 15-19 August 1979
At Nations Cup, he was placed ninth on Norton and Inwałd, together with Jan Kowalczyk on Artemor and Radar, Janusz Bobik on Szampan and Zygzak, Krzysztof Ferenstein on Kobryń.
Hickstead, England 28 – 31 July 1983 – at Nations Cup he was placed tenth on Norton, together with Rudolfem Mrugała on Gaudeamus and Toledo, Bohdan Sas-Jaworski on Bremen, Jan Kowalczyk on Artemor, Janusz Bobik on Szampan.

Championships of Poland in show jumping:
Warsaw 22 – 26 September 1976 – silver medal on Norton.
Warsaw 27 – 30 July 1978 – silver medal on Norton.
Warsaw 26 – 29 September 1980 – silver medal on Norton.
Warsaw 27 – 29 May 1983 – bronze medal on Norton.
Łobez 13-15 June 1986– bronze medal on Harde.


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Author: Witold Duński

Wiesław Hartman died in Kwidzyn on 24th November 2021, aged 71.
He was buried at the municipal cemetery in Kwidzyn.

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An English Thoroughbred. Silver medal in the team competition and placed sixth individually at Olympic Games in Moscow in 1980. He was placed sixth at the Great Award of Aachen 1981.

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XXII Summer Olympic Games – Moscow 1980

The Olympic Games where Polish horsemanship achieved the best results. 29 July 1980 – silver team medal (Jan Kowalczyk – Artemor; Marian Kozicki – Bremen; Janusz Bobik – Szampan; Wiesław Hartman – Norton). 03 August 1980 – individual gold Olympic medal – Jan Kowalczyk on Artemor.

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