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Guardians: Wiesław Dziadczyk’s family

II Vice-Champion of Poland in show jumping. A trainer in the stud farms Kozienice, Klikowa and Pruchna. A rider who jumped an obstacle “wall” 2.20 m on the mare Via Vitae. To this day, this record of height on this type of obstacle is not beaten in Poland.


He was born in Bogusławice on 04 November 1937. District Piotrków Trybunalski, Łódź Voivodeship. His father: Wacław. His mother: marianna Węgrzynowska from home. His sisters: Gabriela, Joanna, Maria, Barbara. His wife: Natalia Zając from home. His daughter: Monika. His sons: Paul and Maciej.


In the autumn of 1954, the first meeting with horses of the Stallions Depot in Bogusławice took place.

“I remember this day, November 15th. Then I went to work. My father had eleven hectares of land. I was the only son and my father was sorry of my leaving the farm. He thought that I would only supplement my income at the Depot and that I would return to my patrimony. I did not come back. I was taken by horses. After the first year of work in the Depot, I went to a sports group.


In 1965 (…) he accepts the proposal of the cavalry captain Jerzy Sas Jaworski, with the last combat assignment in the Warsaw Cavalry Division, an outstanding breeder, the director of the Stud Farm in Kozienice. He becomes a sports instructor in a group of sports horses, after major Marian Fabrycy.

He spent twelve years in Kozienice. There he met horses of his life, mare Via Vitae a daughter of mare Via Aquia (by Aquino) and stallion Dar es Salam, a chestnut, born in Kozienice Stud Farm in 1960.


In 1969, at the International Official Horse Competitions – CHIO in Olsztyn, he won the Puissance Show Jumping while jumping a wall two hundred twenty centimetres high (to this day this is the record in jump over the wall in Poland ). It is worth recalling that in the same year in Radom, Wiesław Dziadczyk on the mare Via Vitae, established the then Polish record in the high-jump, which was 2.05 cm.


Author: Witold Duński, PCBJ Edition

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Photographs from the collection of Wiesław Dziadczyk.