Breeder: Stadnina Koni Janów Podlaski
Sponsors: Julia & Sergey Vasyutov

Wielki Szlem (out of Elegantka by Bakszysz), bay, born in 1938, of dimensions 147—191—19.5 cm

He was a son of the dam that can be named the pearl of Polish breeding. He gave many stallions used for breeding, e.g.: Jaszmak, Lowelas, Opal, Rosomak, Skarabeusz and Wielki Szlem, and only two of them were sons of the same sire. Elegantka used to give a good offspring with each stallion. Her daughter Kamea 1929 founded the valuable family, too.

Wielki Szlem started to cover mares in Pelkinie in 1940; then he mated mares from Janów (when on evacuation in Germany), and since 1947, he served in Nowy Dwór. In the period 1956—57, he was a leading sire in Albigowa. In Pelkinie and Nowy Dwór, he met very different mares; some of them were of inferior beauty and exterior. Compensation of this material was his great merit. In total, Wielki Szlem gave 51 mares and 10 stallions from which Miech Pełkiński, Anarchista, Czardasz, Czort and Duch were used for breeding in the country.

Wielki Szlem’s daughters proved the valuable dams while giving many stallions used for breeding in the country. For example, Gahdar 1942 gave Abu Afas; Mira 1942 — Mir Said; Gwara 1946 — Gwarny; Angara 1947 — Arax; Bint Munira 1948 — Badr Bedur; Cerekiew 1951 — Carycyn; Dyska 1950 — Dramat; Ellenai 1956 — Eleuzis, Elf and Elbrus.

Wielki Szlem used to transfer his great racing courage to his offspring. His following descendants won classic awards: Omar — 1944 — Derby; Czardasz 1949 — Derby and Comparative; Czort 1949 — Comparative twice; Don Lambro 1950 — Derby, Dyska 1950 — Oaks, Kochana 1952 — Oaks.

source: the elaboration by Roman Pankiewicz,
The licence granted by Mr Roman Pankiewicz’s family to BoberTeam, for the needs of the project Polish Equestrian Legends.

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