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Opened on 03 June 1939. Then, it was the most modern and the biggest racecourse in Europe. Source: A new racecourse at Służewiec, the magazine ‘Jeździec i Hodowca’, no. 17, 1939.

“After the world war, Poland came into being as a great state with 30 million people, therefore all public functions developed significantly despite crisis.

Together with another branches, horse breeding developed as well and it is still growing. In addition, importance of this breeding increased exceedingly because the state with long land frontiers without sufficient natural protection needed many horses of any breed and type for its army.

However, only one Mokotowski Racecourse was available for breeding and racing tests. This racecourse, sufficient for Congress Kingdom of Poland, could not satisfy sports and breeding needs of Poland.

For that reason, the Board of Horse Breeding Incentive in Poland was going to buy a suitable ground for the second racecourse in Warsaw and build all necessary facilities. Mokotowski Racecourse, never substituted due to its location, would remain then as the second seasonal racecourse. (…)”

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Author: edit. of ‘Jeździec i Hodowca’ (Rider & Breeder) magazine 1929 no. 48 p. 710-717)

The licence granted by Polish Union of Horse Breeders to BoberTeam, for the needs of the project Polish Equestrian Legends. Copyright reserved.

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ARROW 3 1st grade graduate (Mantón – Zeyneb) Margr. and A. hr. Wielopolskie wins under
NS. Dorosz A prize worth PLN 4,000. – 1600 mtr. beating easily by 1 length Fanfara and Fanfara II.
With P. W. K. in Poznań 1929. Three mares bred in Mszczyczyna: Chorążanka, (Arabian blood) 2nd prize at Hunter Show, Arabeska (3/4 Arab blood) 1st prize at Hunter Show and Srzelecka.
In the saddles, the owner, Andrzej, hr. Żółtowski and his daughters Elżbieta and Marja.
3 years old gn, FELSZTYN (Michalczyk) st. „Wierzbno” wins the first race on the new track in Służewiec, beating Pontus, Kock and others.
The first race on the new track in Służewiec. The horses go to the start in order: Felsztyn, Pontus, Kock, Karioka II and Gondola.
FELSZTYN (Buvesz – Gibson Maid), stallion gn.D born 1936 in St. Cz. Andrycz and A. Koskowski, owned by St. Wierzbno, the winner of the first race on the new track in Służewiec,
under the jockey S. Michalczyk.