Honorary Patron: Mariusz Wideryński, Muzeum Południowego Podlasia

Guardians: Aleksandra Gadzalska and Hanna Gadzalska-Syfert

Polish artistic photographer. His passion of life was eternization of horses and landscape of Podlasie. An art visionary (www.pcbj.pl).


Born on April 10, 1934 in Psary near Piotrków Trybunalski. He died tragically on August 12, 1985 in a car accident. He was buried at the Służew Cemetery in Warsaw..

On the eve of the tragic accident on the road near Grójec when he drove to the stud farm in Michałów to take several pictures more for a next album on horses, he confided in his friends: “I begin to believe that I will be able live and work normally now”.

This sudden death of such an active artist despite his heart disease and long-lasting convalescence after dangerous surgery causes specific sorrow and induces sad reverie. (…)

Read more in article by Zofia Raczkowska of 1985 or in the entry about the artist at Polish Digital Equestrian Library… (click to go to Polish Digital Equestrian Library)

Author: Zofia Raczkowska

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„Marian Gadzalski, znakomity fotograf koni nie żyje” (1985) – Zofia Raczkowska

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