Honorary Patron: Polski Komitet Olimpijski (Polish Olympic Committee)

Sponsor: Fundacja Orła Białego (The White Eagle Foundation)

Guardian: Fundacja Książąt Lubomirskich (The Princes Lubomirski Foundation)

A Polish aristocrat and a horse breeder. An owner of Widzów Stud Farm. One of Polish Olympism creators.


Stefan Lubomirski was born on 05 May 1862 in Dubrowno as Eugeniusz Lubomirski’s son. He died during the World War II on 05 June 1941 in Cracow.

Together with his brothers Stanisław (an economist and the first president of the Industrial Bank in Warsaw – an originator of the first aircraft factory in Poland) and Władysław (a horse expert, a sportsman and an artist – he sponsored, among others, the Symphony Orchestra of Warsaw), he floated a company dealing with administration of the English Thoroughbred Stud Farm. To this end, Lubomirscy purchased the nearby grange Widzów in 1896. Then modern stables were built and drained paddocks were erected.

Until outbreak of World War I, the Lubomirscy’s racehorses triumphed on Polish, Russian, Austrian-Hungarian and German racecourses while winning: the Derby, 4 times (twice in Warsaw, once in Moscow and once in Vienna), the Great of Baden twice, St. Leger in Budapest, Oaks in Warsaw, Moscow and Vienna, several times. On 12/12/1919, he became the first president of Polish Committee for Olympic Games (the later PKOl).

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„Hodowla koni wyścigowych podług stanu liczbowego” (1898) – Bruce Lowe

At the latest volume of the lexicon “Lubomirscy. Książęta polscy” (Lubomirscy. Polish dukes) (vol. III), you can read on history of the Stud Farm Widzów founded by the duke Stefan Andrzej Lubomirski

A fragment of the description of the Stud Farm in Widzów from the lexicon “Lubomirscy. Polish dukes” (vol. III)