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Polish hippologist, an excellent exterior expert and a racing organizer. Co-originator of horse breeding in Poland after the World War I and II. He has written (together with W. Pruski and J. Grabowski) the Vol. II of the manual entitled “Horse breeding”.


He was born on 12 March 1892 in Warsaw within the family much-deserved for Poland and its capital. He was a child of a big city. So, from whence was his life-affecting passion for horses he came to love from childhood and then came to know their breeding thoroughly and so permanently that he devoted his long life to them.
Warsaw at the end of nineteenth century – the world of Stanisław’s childhood – the beautiful Trakt Królewski, and particularly Aleje Ujazdowskie, the famous promenade in Warsaw of that time, equipages with elegant horses, equestriennes and riders – all of them fascinated the child’s mind.

Pole Mokotowskie – 1899. His father took seven-year Stanisław to the racecourse for the first time. This event has exerted a huge influence on the child’s mind; the boy started being passionate of racehorses at first and then people, trainers and all things related to horse; he can still hear and see something new! He made every effort to visit racecourses and then observe morning gallops and penetrate secrets of horse training.

On 05 March 1982, aged 90, Eng. Stanisław Schuch MSc died. He was a former Chief of Horse Breeding Department at Agriculture Ministry and the main co-originator of horse breeding in Poland after the World War I and II.

He was honoured with the Order of Polonia Restituta Fourth Class, the Officer’s Cross, and Fifth Class, the Knight’s Cross, as well as with many other distinctions.

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Author: Adam Sosnowski

Stanisław Schuch died on 05 March 1982 aged 90. He was buried at the Evangelical cemetery in Warsaw.

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