Breeder: Stado Ogierów Książ
Sponsor: Ośrodek Hodowli Zarodowej w Kamieńcu Ząbkowickim

Sonet – the champion from Książ

The Silesian stallion of eleven – Sonet (Dastin xx – Sorbona by Bojkot śl.) is the most award-winning Polish horse in the history of single driving.

He was bred at Książ Stallion’s Depot and is owned by Breeding Centre in Kamieniec Ząbkowicki.

Sonet’s dam is Silesian horse and his sire is English Thoroughbred. Such a connection gave us a splendid new type – a sports horse of enormous power and endurance together with extensiveness in three paces and great beauty. Sonet is distinguished by extreme courage and ambition. The stallion’s extensiveness in all three paces and nimbleness are worth an attention.

While two and half years old, Sonet finished training at Training Institution and then he started sports training with Bartłomiej Kwiatek, a competitor of Książ Stallion’s Depot. The first Sonet’s successes were gold medals won twice at Indoor Pairs Cup of Poland – Cavaliada. Already then, he produced evidence of nimbleness and speed above average. In 2015, during Young Horse World Championships in Mezohegyes, Hungary, he was placed fourth at the final of seven years old horses. In 2016, Sonet was included into the preparatory program for the World Singles Championships in Piber, Austria. After his perfect performance and the second place in the marathon, he won silver team medal and was placed fourth individually. In 2017 and 2018, he was the gold medallist of the Singles Championships of Poland in Bogusławice.

Sonet’s greatest success is the gold medal of the World Singles Championships in Kronenberg (The Netherlands, 2018) won individually with Bartłomiej Kwiatek and the bronze team medal won there. This is the most spectacular sports and breeding success for Polish carriage driving and Silesian horses.

Author: Małgorzata Studzińska