Sponsor: Ośrodek Hodowli Zarodowej w Kamieńcu Ząbkowickim
(Breeding Centre in Kamieniec Ząbkowicki)

A pearl in the crown of Polish carriage driving. Silesian horse breeding. In addition to a stallions’ depot, there were also a stud farm and an equestrian club specializing in driving: pairs and four-in-hand.

Mysticism of such a place as Książ joins with many elements.

History of the castle in Książ, lots of its many years’ owners (Hochberg family) and history of horse breeding are connected each other over centuries. So, it is difficult to tell the history of one of these elements without referring to the others.

However, a proper groundwork for this book was beginning of Silesian horses.

Breeding of this pedigree aristed and formed just in this area, and activity of Książ Stallions’ Depot made a contribution to its establishment and spread…

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Autor: Izabela Rajca-Pisz

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„Państwowe Stado Ogierów Książ” (1974) – Zbigniew Dąbrowski

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„Katalog aukcji koni, Książ 25-26.05.1990” (1990) – Zespół redakcyjny

„Katalog III aukcji koni sportowych w Książu” (1976) – Zespół redakcyjny

„Stado ogierów Książ” (2005) – Izabela Rajca-Pisz

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