The first mares xx came to the stud farm in 1956. The facility Żółkiewka was adapted for them. In 1972, the stud farm had already 75 mares xx and a department Skarżyce was brought into operation.

The Strzegom Stud Farm was situated in the west part of Poland, in Lower Silesian voivodship, in a picturesque region of Pogórze Sudeckie.

From pastures, you can see Wzgórza Strzegomskie and further a range of Karkonosze mountains.

The Stud Farm came into being in 1955 on the basis of the State Farm Group located around Strzegom city.

At that time, it was a big State Farm having 1,200 milch cows with full calf rearing, Central Bull Rearing House for 120 animals, a piggery for breeding, Merino Sheep Breeding Centre with 2,000 mothers and Hunting Centre with a pheasantry for about 16,000 pheasants.

At first, Silesian horses were to be bred, however already in 1956, the first English Thoroughbred mares arrived and gave rise of the future stud farm. The facility Żółkiewka was adapted for them.

The first mares bought to Strzegom were Thoroughbreds: Tirenia (by Good bye – Tirana by Wily Attorney) and Zahukana (Good bye – Zapomniana by Pasjans) bred at Kozienice Stud Farm, Casarossa (Oduagis – Casablanca II by Pilade) from Widzów Stud Farm and a yearling, filly Hekla (Aquino – Hybla by Cavaliere d’Arpino) from Golejewko Stud Farm. The facility adaptation and the stud farm organization proceeded very efficiently, so that on 1st July 1957, on the day of official opening of the stud farm, 24 mares from other stud farms were located in Żółkiewka. In 1966, there were 40 mares therein.


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Author: Maria Konarska

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