History of the Stud Farm in Sławuta recorded by the prince Roman Sanguszko. Source: JEŹDZIEC I HODOWCA, 1933, no. 33.

The horse stud farm (named later by dukes Sanguszko) comes from duke Hieronim, the last Volhynian Voivode, son of duke Paweł Sanguszko, the great royal marshal.

The stud farm was refined beginning from the period of duke Hieronim’s management, so we will deal only with this branch of Sanguszko’s estate.

The stud farm of duke Hieronim Sanguszko, Volhynian Voivode, was located on Dnieper in Cherkessian district that was owned by duke Sanguszko family for several centuries without a break, as well as in Volhynia, at Chrestówka, Tarnawka, Polachów – the villages belonging also to duke Sanguszko’s goods. As a result of political circumstances, today it is divided into two parts whereof one remained in Chrestówka, however much lower in size; while the second moved to Satanów on Zbrucz river, in Podolia.

The stables representing these two separated parts are always together in Sławuta in Volhynia to keep up appearances of former union except of the course stable maintained only by the stud farm in Satanów, along with count Alfred Potocki; the estate came from also from the former Zasławskie Principality.”

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Stud Farm of dukes Sanguszko
ROMAN SANGUSZKO, senior – JEŹDZIEC I HODOWCA (‘Rider & Breeder’ magazine) 1933 no. 33

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„Stadnina książąt Sanguszków” (1933) – Roman Sanguszko