Sponsor: Stadnina Koni Krasne (Krasne Stud Farm)

One of the oldest English Thoroughbred stud farms in Poland (1857). Ludwik count Krasiński was its founder and owner. A base of the breeding were superb mares imported from England.

Krasne Stud Farm belongs to few breeding centres existing to this day that can be proud of equally long and interesting history.

It owes its character tu specific people that distinguished creditably not only in history of domestic breeding but also in history of Poland.

The stud farm in Krasne founded by Ludwik count Krasiński in 1857 has 150-year traditions in horse breeding and much longer in propagation of agricultural culture at Polish country.

Achievements of Krasiński (of Squawk coat of arms) family were important due to superb breeding and productive results; they also emphasized Polish character when Poland was absent in the map of the world.

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Author: Izabela Rajca-Pisz

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