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History of the Stud Farm in Gumniska, the next Arabian horses stud farm belonging to the famous family Sanguszko. Source: JEŹDZIEC I HODOWCA, 1928, no. 51.

Fragments of the article by dr Edward Skorkowski from the magazine – JEŹDZIEC I HODOWCA (Rider & Breeder), 1928 r. No. 51:

“The Gumniska Stud Farm in Tarnów district, of Cracow province, owned by Roman duke Sanguszko, has at present 10 brood pure-bred Arabian mares: 25-year dark bay Zgoda of perfect type and lines; 19-year chestnut expressive Jerychonka;17-year grey ample Lida, a typical mare from Sławuta; 12-year chestnut of desert type, the perfect dam Sahara; 7-year grey, typical and noble Era; 6-year mares: grey, unusual deep and wide Florencja of carriage type; bay stylish high-class Fantazja and grey, very noble and expressive Faustyna; 5-years mares: grey Gracja rather in carriage type; and dark grey, typical Gehenna of beautiful exterior.

In next year spring, the 4-year mares will be included into stud farm: black, unusual noble and stylish Gruzinka and grey, big and typical Glorja. The following mares ran and won: Fantazja — PLN1,400, Faustina — PLN410, Gruzinka — PLN2,280, Glorja PLN1,350 and Gracja PLN180”

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