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The youngest of the three legendary, contemporary, state-owned pure-bred Arabian horse stud farms (Janów Podlaski Stud Farm, Michałów Stud Farm) in Poland.

“Białka Państwowe Dobra” (Białka – the state-owned goods) was the first name of the stallions’ depot established in 1928. It was an idea of the contemporary head of the State-owned Stud Farm Department, Eng. Jan Grabowski (the later professor) – the very same that brought mares to the newly established Arabian Department of the State-owned Stud Farm in Janów Podlaski in 1919.

A stallions’ depot was also situated in Janów Podlaski and the next in the east – as far as Sądowa Wisznia. In the period of incessant national emergency on the part of Soviet Union, one more stallions’ depot was necessary in the east – to ensure production of horses for cavalry. Then, Anglo-Arabs were considered as the most suitable horse pedigree for army use, so 156 stallions gathered in Białka in the period 1930 – 1932 were of the following pedigree. (…)

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Author: prof. Dr Krystyna Chmiel
Source: “Białka – od Państwowych Dóbr do Małopolskiej Hodowli Roślin” – prof. Dr Krystyna Chmiel, National University named after the pope John Paul II in Biała Podlaska

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