Honorary Patron: Metropolitan Archbishop of Białystok, Dr. Józef Guzdek
(Field Bishop of the Polish Army 2010-2021) ostocki dr Józef Guzdek (Biskup polowy WP 2010-2021)



Major of Polish Army, a cavalryman and one of the most talented riders of thirties in Poland, a silver Olympic medallist at the Team Three Days’ Event in Berlin (1936).


He was born in Radom on 23 October 1900 as a son of Antoni Franciszek (a bookkeeper at the local factory) and Maria Grzywacz from home.

By virtue of the war, he took his secondary school finals in two parts: one part at the Secondary School named after M. Rej (25 February 1919) and the final part in front of WRiOP Ministry Commission in the capital (25 February 1920).

He joined up Polish Army (09 December 1918) and fought for several months as a member of the 1st Krechowiccy Uhlan Regiment (Gródek Jagielloński); then he graduated from the Cadet School in Warsaw and finished the front-line Riding School in Brody; then, already as a 2nd Lt (1921) and a Lt (1921), he served at 10th Regiment of Mounted Riflemen.

His further soldier career is connected with: the horseback-riding instructor course at the Cavalry Training Centre in Grudziądz (1930-1931), instructor duties at the officer’s class therein (since 1932) and his work as a squadron commander at 7th regiment. (since 1937). Kulesza fluked. His superiors were excellent riders. He was reputable with them. He was appreciated by the commander of the Horseback-Riding School CWK, Adam Królikiewicz, and the main horseback-riding inspector, Major Antoniewicz. He wrote in their opinions as follows: a prominent officer, an outstanding rider, a very good instructor, he promises more and more, a high-flier, dutiful and loyal.

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Seweryn Kulesza died in Los Angeles on May 14, 1983, at the age of 67.

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