Honorary Patron: Joanna Grootings and Petroniusz Frejlich

Sponsor: Petronius Arabians

Guardians: Anna Matłoka along with siblings

A Siberian deportee, a miner, an author of esteemed books and publications on Arabian horses. A manager of Albigowa Stud Farm, a breeder of the famous Arabian stallion – Bask.


Roman Pankiewicz was born in Kapłanowice (now in Belarus) in 1924. He died on 06/12/2016. He was buried at the parish cemetery in Poznań-Naramowice.

Petroniusz Frejlich, a breeder of Arabian horses, wrote as folows on Roman Pankiewicz:

He was deported to Siberia where he lived within the period 1940-1946. He worked, among others, in taiga, at a coal-pit and then with horses for a long time. He was a manager and then an assistant director of the Stud Farm in Albigowa (1951-1958). A breeder of the famous Bask called “Revelation of America”.

Almost for all his life, he gathered materials on Arabian horses and wrote on them. He wanted to share his work with others. He wrote the books: “Polska hodowla koni czystej krwi arabskiej 1918-1939”(Polish breeding of pure-bred Arabian horses within the period 1918-1939), “Rejestr polskich ogierów czystej krwi arabskiej użytych w hodowli w latach 1944-1993” (Register of Polish pure-bred Arabian stallions used in breeding within the period 1944-1993) vol. 1 and 2 or “Siedmiu wspaniałych” (The splendid seven).

He promoted Polish breeding of Arabian horses through his lectures at courses in Canada and at breeding conferences in USA.

Roman Pankiewicz died on December 6, 2016, at the age of 92. He was buried at the cemetery of the parish of Our Lady of Częstochowa church Poznań, Naramowice, in the N2 section, row: 2nd place: 16 (52,459162,16,938719).

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Krzysztof Czarnota o Romanie Pankiewiczu, oraz „dialogach na końskie nogi”… | FILM

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„Polska Hodowla koni czystej krwi arabskiej 1918-1939” (2002) – Roman Pankiewicz

The bas-relief with the board ordered by the stud farm management, the president Maciej Grzechnik, with support and conception of the breeder, Ms Hanna Sztuka, to commemorate Roman Pankiewicz’s work at Stud Farm Michałów.

Author of the bas-relief: Grzegorz Krzyżaniak in concert with BoberTeam