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Guardians: Łukasz Koniarek / Ossoliński National Institute

Brigadier general of Polish Army. A heroic defender of Lvov. A commander of 26th Regiment of Uhlans of Great Poland and Cavalry Brigade of Great Poland during the September campaign in 1939. A doctor of laws. Before 1914, a member of National Youth Union (“Z”) and Bartosz Squads.


Roman Abraham was born on 22 February 1891 in Lvov. He died on 26 August 1976 in Warsaw The general was buried next to his mother at Parish Cemetery in Września.

During the World War I, he was a cavalry officer at Austrian Army. Since November 1918 – at Polish Army; after graduation at French Staff College (1922) – a lecturer of general tactics at the Staff College.

Within the period 1927-39, he was a commander of: 26th Uhlans’ Regiment, Pomeranian Cavalry Brigade and Cavalry Brigade of Great Poland.

In September 1939 he was a commander of the operational group of cavalry at “Poznań” Army and participated the battle on Bzura; then – in German captivity. After his home-coming, retired. An author of historic-military works.

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Source: Mała Encyklopedia Wojskowa (Smal Military Encyclopaedia), 1st edition; editor: Jerzy Bordziłowski, Warsaw 1967

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