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In 1925, the spring came do Nice unusually late. It was raining during the first half of April and only on 18th April a beautiful weather arrived. A gentle and warm breeze fanned and Polish, French, Portuguese, Belgium and Czechoslovak flags blew over the hippodrome “California”. It was beginning of International Military Jumping Competitions.

It was the third time when Polish cavalrymen were to rival with the best military equestrian teams in Europe. Already in two previous years, Poles were threatening competitors and won, among others, the most important individual award – Grand Prix of Nice City (Grand Prix de la Ville de Nice). Lieutenant Adam Królikiewicz on ‘Jasiek’ achieved this in 1924. However, they still could not win the team competition named Nations Cup. It was especially important because proved the uniform shape of the team and confirmed that individual successes were not accidental. Lieutenant colonel Karol Rómmel, a manager and instructor of Polish team, said in the interview given to metropolitan press that the very award of prestige was especially desirable by him that year.

But, were there any odds? The Equestrian Preparatory Group training before competitions in Nice and London were appointed only in early February 1925. Our officers had not so much time – less than two months – to prepare themselves and their horses for rivalry with other nations. The home team seemed the most threatening contestants that trained for more than half a year. Their team not only knew the hippodrome perfectly but also was the largest (11 riders and 33 horses). The most famous of them were surely the Olympians: lieutenant T. Carbon and lieutenant P. Clavé. They both started at Olympic Games in Paris (1924) and lieutenant Carbon also in Antwerp (1920 r.). (…)

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Author: Ewa Pawlus, portal “Tropem Hubala” (On Hubal’s track)

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