Picture by: Sławomir Szereda


Breeder: United States Army

[U.S.A.] (NN) (gelding) born in 1909

On this horse, a cavalry captain Adam Królikiewicz won the first bronze medal for Poland at the Olympic Games in Paris, 1924.

Picador came from American army surplus and served in Polish army at impedimenta. Adam Królikiewicz looked out for him during trainings of a sports group led by Karol Rómmel and then repeated these exercises on Picador.

The pair Królikiewicz / Picador won the Great Lucerne Award 1924, the Great Nice Award 1925 and the Great Rome Award 1926.

You can read more on Picador in the article by Adam Królikiewicz that was issued in the magazine
Przekrój no. 692 (28/1958) p. 16-18 and no. 693 (29/1958) p. 18,19

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