Breeder: Stadnina Koni Białka
Sponsor: Małopolska Hodowla Roślin

oo (Partner – Perforacja / Ernal), ur. 1991

Perforacja, Pesal’s dam, was born in times when shows were not the only purpose of Arabian horse breeding; Białka, her mother site, was then more racing-minded and the first youth show took place in 1988. Two-year Perforacja was placed third in her age class at this show. Successes started only in the next generation.

Perforacja’s first offspring was the stallion Pesal s. 1991 (by Partner). Thanks to infusion of blood of the foundation stock of Ilderim, he already inherited the different type, more Saklawi type. He turned grey early and his hair was milky white with silvery polish. His big eyes with “mellowly” black iris and without visible white of the eye clearly came back against this background; his “belgard” agreed with his gentle and friendly character; he did not straiten during maintenance, so he enjoyed grooms’ liking. Moreover, his short head with deep lower jaw, big nostril and pike profile; not everybody likes the pink depigmentation of nostril but this is a beauty of milky grey horses with large markings. In addition, Pesal had the charming neck arch, the horizontal top line and the high-set tail but a dominant feature in all Perforacja’s offspring was movement. Dynamic, efficient and whereat like floating in the air – when Pesal started at a trot, he set his head and neck in the manner as if he wanted to lift off! Thanks to these features, while two years old, he won not only his class at the Spring Youth Show in Michałów in 1993 but also won the title of the Youth Champion of Poland.

His subtle beauty together with his “female” delicacy and gentleness did not hinder him in his quite good racing career – 2 seasons, 14 starts including 2 wins and the success rate 1.56, that is much higher than the average of his class. After his career, he started participating in “adult” shows where he obtained very good results: Vice-Championship of Poland and of Nations’ Cup in Aachen in 1996; Older Stallions Championship of Poland in 1997; Championship of the Netherlands and Top Five in Aachen in 2003; Top Ten of the World Championship in Paris in 2004.

He was included in breeding in 1996 and covered at all state-owned stud farms in Poland; he was also used by private breeders. Just out of chestnut mare Gracja-Bis 1995 (Monogramm-Grenada) of private breeding and ownership (breeder M. Bogajewicz), he sired the outstanding stallion Girlan-Bey s. 2002 that was the Younger Stallions Champion of Poland 2003 and the Younger Stallions World Vice-Champion 2005. In Janów, out of subtle and charming Palmeta 2001, the Champion of Poland and European Champion, he left his successor, Palatino s. 2006 of absolutely Polish and Saklawi pedigree that inherited his snow-white hair, big black eyes and splendid movement transferred also to the next generations – but also his “pink snout”. Palatino, despite lack of “racing ancestors”, raced better still than his sire – Wp = 2.23; he won the Older Stallions Championship of Poland in 2012, Porsche European Cup Championship and Prague Intercup Championship in 2014. During his performance in Prague, he run away and battered a veteran car, Tatra, standing in the hippodrome corner – and nonetheless, he won the competition.

Pesal was sold to the Netherlands in 2003 but he returned to Poland several times while taken on lease – last time it was the period 2012-2015. His daughters were used at all Treasury stud farms but now, none of them stay there. The stallion died in 2028.

Author: Prof. Krystyna Chmiel Ph.D.
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photo. Wiesław Pawłowski