Breeder: Stadnina Koni Białka
Sponsor: Małopolska Hodowla Roślin

oo (Esparto – Perfirka / Gazal Al Shaqab), ur. 2011

Perfinka is the third Polish horse that won the American gold triple crown. Perfinka from Białka is the third after Pogrom from Janów Podlaski and Wieża Mocy from Michałów.

Her mother, Perfirka (by Gazal Al Shaqab, out of Perforacja), born in 2003, is also beautiful flea bitten grey. In 2014, she was sold to U.S.A. where she still advertises Polish breeding. In 2016, she won the Older Mares Championship, Scottsdale Classic, American show, the second for prestige after the National Championship of U.S.A. Three Perfirka’s daughters stayed in Białka: Parilla (bay) 2009 (by Enzo), Perforia (bay) 2013 (by Vitorio TO) and the best – Perfinka (grey) 2011 (by Esparto).

Perfinka has features that can be specified as a “girlish charm”. It is constituted of “inquisitive” look of her big black eyes in her small head, her long, slender and high set on neck, and her top line as an “ironing board” ended with the high-set and flickering merrily tail; but above all, of her motion!

As you can see, her all family group is characterised by spectacular and effective show motion transferred for generations but Perfinka’s motion is unique and incomparable. Because she doesn’t move, she dances! She runs into show ring with a dance step, while fine the ground with her legs. So, no wonder that she charms almost all judges. She started as a yearling from a win in her class at the Spring Youth Show Białka 2012.

In the same year, she won the Year-Old Mares Top Ten of the World Championship in Paris. And then: 2013 – Vice-Championship in the Younger Mares World Championships and Championships of Europe and of Poland, Championship of the Younger mares Cup of Nations in Aachen; 2014 – Championship of PSAIAHF in Saudi Arabia; April 2019 – Championship of Las Vegas Breeders Cup; and at last – the National Championship of U.S.A. on 25th November 2019! Fortunately, she is only under lease there. She started in Scottsdale (13-23.02.2020) where her mother triumphed. Predictably, she won her age class (eight-year-old and older mares) unanimously and on the last show day, she won the Older Mares Championship. The whole lot gives the American “Triple Crown”!

The intensive training affected her shape a bit but models and finalists of “Miss” competitions usually look similarly; after her return to the mother-stud, her carers will feed her up surely! The breeder should not sell her, at least so long until she leaves behind much the same successor by a stallion from Polish breeding program!

Author: Prof. Krystyna Chmiel
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photo: Ewa Imielska Hebda

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