Breeder: Stadnina Koni Janów Podlaski


Nobody expected the 46th Pride of Poland auction in 2015 to be historical due to €4,500,000 obtained for the sold horses and, first of all, due to the price obtained by grey Pepita from Janów – €1,400,000.


Pepita was born on 29 January 2005. In 2008, she ran on Partynice racecourse in Wrocław on ranges 2000 metres (5 times), 1800 m (once) and 1600 m (once), and her scores in these 7 starts were as follows: she won once, was placed the second once, the third – once, and the fourth – three times. As you see, the racing did not impair her beauty and confirmed the philosophy that Polish Arabian horse must be beautiful and brave Her dimensions are 150 – 176 – 18.75. In 2010, she was placed the fourth at National Show in Janów but in 2014, she won the mare class and became the Older Mares Champion and the best horse of the show – Best in Show.


Pepita is a daughter of grey Ekstern, the multichampion from Michałów, that won all shows participated. In 2000, he became the Older Stallions National Champion of Poland, the Champion of Nations Cup in Aachen, the European Champion and the World Champion. He has also a WAHO trophy granted in 2008 to him as an outstanding representative of pure bred Arab of Polish breeding.

Pepita’s dam – the beautiful fleabitten grey Pepesza – is a daughter of the legendary Eukaliptus. She was born on 4th February 1993 and died on 6th January 2018. She was sold at the auction in Janów in 2006 for €135,000. Her photo with the stable cat was on the cover of the auction catalogue. After sale, the auctioneer said the price included also this cat. Nobody knows if he went with Pepesza to Hennessy Arabians in Florida. Pepesza bewitched with her type, swan’s neck, beautiful head and movement. She left the following offspring in Janów: daughters Polifonia, Pernilla, Pensacola and Pepita; sons Perseusz and Pegasus.

Pepita, the legendary mare from Janów Stud Farm, still provides reasons for pride and satisfaction to her breeders. We hope that both she and her offspring will add many positive experiences and joy.

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Author: Jerzy Dudała

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