Breeder: Stadnina Koni Janów Podlaski

oo bay (Kuhailan Haifi or. ar. — Dziwa by Aby Mlech) born 1933, died 1948; bred at Janów Podlaski Stud Farm

Ofir 1933, bred in Janów, is considered as the best stallion in Janów in the period between the World War I and the World War II.

Phenomenon of Ofir
Prof. Witold Pruski writes about Ofir as follows:

“Certainly, he wouldn’t win such a praise internationally like in Poland and he wouldn’t receive the best mares. In Janów however, with local beautiful mares, he left the superior offspring, e.g. Witraż 1938, Wielki Szlem 1938 and Witeź II 1938. Unfortunately, Ofir mated in Janów only for three seasons, 1937-1939. Seeing that he gave three such perfect stallions like these mentioned straight off in the first batch, it is expectable that he was especially suitable stallion for Janów. However, he didn’t stay long at his native stud farm. He went to Tersk in north Caucasus where he didn’t give offspring of such a class as in Janów. Ofir mated in Tersk in the period 1940-1948 and died there in1948. He became the main continuator of foundation stock of Kuhailan Haifi imported from Arabia in 1931 by Prince Roman Sanguszko.