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On 25 November 1926, Polish riders won the prestigious Nations Cup in New York. This success was treated as an emanation of the national spirit and a demonstration of Polish army power.


In September 1926, Poland received an invitation to take part in the International Show Jumping Events in New York.

“(…) The invitation came unexpectedly, in the last moment and mainly thanks to efforts made by Col. Zahorski and our deputy in Washington, Mr Ciechanowski, as well as by the consul general in New York, Dr Gruszka. (…)”

The invitation specified number of riders, horses and batmen. Thereby, Ministry of Military Affairs appointed 3 officers to go New York events: Major Michał Toczek from 10th Horse-Artillery Battalion, cavalry captain Adam Królikiewicz from 1st Light Cavalrymen Regiment and lieutenant Kazimierz Szosland from 2nd Uhlan Regiment.

Major Toczek and lieutenant Szosland were called for Warsaw where cavalry captain Królikiewicz stayed. Trainings started near Cavalry Department of 1st Light Cavalrymen Regiment. There was not much time for preparation to the event. Participation in the events was not expected, so horses rested after competitions in Nice, Rome, Naples, Milan and Warsaw.

On 28th October, Polish team left to Antwerp. The individual riders were accompanied by the following horses: Major Toczek – Faworyt and Hamlet, cavalry captain Królikiewicz – Jacek and his own Unigeno, lieutenant Szosland – Redgledt and his own Morinus.

Polish team reached Antwerp – through Zbąszyn, Berlin, Aachen, Brussels – just several days before embarkation.

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Author: Agata Duda

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