On 27th October 1952, the Sport Museum was established. It resembles the history of Polish sport and Olympic ideas, conducts education, has rich photographic collections and a library. 

Sport & Tourism Museum in Warsaw is unique on a national scale and one of the oldest museums of its kind in Europe. For 70 years, it has been documenting the achievements of Polish athletes and collecting material souvenirs related to sport and Olympics, and since 1961 also with tourism.

In October 2022, 70 years have passed since the establishment of a museum in Warsaw, which deals with the biggest social phenomenon of the 20th century – sport. For many years, it has been working in the structures of the Main Committee of Physical Culture (equivalent of today’s Ministry of Sport and Tourism). Since 1 January 1999, in connection with the administrative reform of the state, the Self-Government of the Mazowieckie Voivodship became the so-called founding body.


The creators of the Museum tried to set up it as the Pantheon of Polish Sport, based on the experiences of the National Museum in Warsaw. They were modelled after and learnt from the best. From very modest accommodation conditions, one room with one full-time employee and several dozen exhibits, the institution has come a difficult and long way to a comprehensive institution, devoted to almost all sports practised in Poland, Olympics and the Polish Olympic movement, as well as sightseeing and tourism. It is currently a cultural institution with an important position in the ranking of world sports museums. The Museum conducts exhibition, publishing, scientific and research and educational activities.


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Author: Marzena Jaworska – Sport & Tourism Museum in Warsaw

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Zdjęcia ze zbiorów Muzeum Sportu i Turystyki – Warszawa

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