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On 27/05/1927, a Hippodrome with bleachers for 5000 spectators was opened in Łazienki Królewskie. The arena was designed by Józej Główczewski (a designer of stables at Stallion Depots in Łąck and Białka) that was modelled after Monte Pincio Hippodrome in Rome.


On 10 March 1927, a meeting of a provisional International Show Jumping Committee took place in the Castle under the leadership of colonel Zahorski, its initiator. The invited participants were as follows: a director of Horse Breeding Department at Agriculture Ministry Fryderyk Jurjewicz, a chief of Stud Farms Department Eng. Jan Grabowski, colonel B. Wieniawa Długoszowski, colonel Strzemiński, Eng. Z. Słomiński – a builder at Warsaw Municipality, Lt Col S. Korytowski, Lt Col K. Rómmel, Major Hochstim, cavalry captain L. Kon, cavalry captain S. Halik, captain Dworakowski, cavalry captain Piotrowski, cavalry captain Kossakowski and Lt K. Zaleski.

Foundation of International and National Show Jumping Association was considered and the presented building projects were examined. It was appropriated that building of a new stadium in Park Sobieskiego should start on 1st April and its project should be ready till then.


This way, one of the most beautiful equestrian stadiums in Europe came into being. It was designed and built by an architectural engineer Józef Główczewski from Płock (a designer of stables at Stallion Depots in Łąck and Białka, too). The construction work was carried out like lightning and already on 27 May 1927, the first in Poland international show jumping took place in Łazienki. The competitions happened on 27th and 30th May as well as on 1st, 3rd, 6th, 7th and 8th June.

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Author: Witold Pruski

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