Honorary Patron: Dagmara Misakiewicz-Ciupińska


Guardians: Agata Duda

A soldier, a major, an artilleryman. A rider and a trainer. Honoured with, among others, the Cross of Valour three times. A winner of PN, New York 1926, Nice 1926, on Hamlet 2.20. (a runner up)


MICHAŁ TOCZEK was born in Nozdrzec on 27 September 1889 in the family of Wojciech Toczek and Katarzyna Sochacka from home. He finished a primary school in his mother town. He loved horses from childhood. He grew accustomed to them and understood them.

Between 01 September 1901 and 27 May 1909, he was a schoolboy at the secondary school in Przemyśl where he was taught in Polish language. On 27 May 1909, he passed the secondary school finals. In the period between 01 October 1909 and 15 June 1913, he studied law at Jan Kazimierz’s University in Lvov. On 15 June 1913, he received a graduation of law. As a law graduate, he passed (with a good mark) two exams of law: a historical and a political one, and one state examination.


Our hero belonged to an honourable circle of patriots that, according to Królikowski himself, not only competed expertly at Polish army in times of peace but also fought during a war if necessary; his breast covered with orders was the best evidence of this.


His request – “Remember Poland whom we serve.” – addressed to compatriots in the United States, is still current.


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Author: Agata Duda

Michał Toczek died in Przemyśl on October 30, 1971, at the age of 82.
He was buried at the Communal Cemetery in Zasanie (section 17, row 9, grave number 5).

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