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An Olympian. A cavalry captain, 17th Regiment of Uhlans of Great Poland. A knight of, among others, Virtuti Militari, Legion of Honour, Polish Cross of Valour 5 times A retired general.


In September 1999, equestrian circles learnt on Gen. Michał Gutowski’s visit in Poland – the pre-war cavalryman and the Olympian lived in Canada since termination of the war.

Through efforts of Polish Equestrian Association, Gen. Gutowski was a lecturer at a special session of trainer course in Stallion Depot in Łąck. Over there, I met the man creating a legend of Polish interwar horsemanship – one of few people who remember Polish riders’ successes on international arenas and attended them.

Mr Michał Gutowski was 89 years old then. He was in perfect intellectual shape and able-bodied. In Łąck, while watching movies showing his 88th birthday and him riding horseback and overcoming cross-country fences, it was difficult to hide admiration and withstand a reflection with regard to my own future.

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Author: Jacek Grobelny

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