Honorary Patron:Święcicki’s family from Baborówek

Sponsor: Zbigniew Górski

Guardians: Michał Bogajewicz’s family

A businessman, a philanthropist, a founder of the medal for the “style and elegance” in horse driving. A former owner of the best Polish driving firm.


Michał Bogajewicz was born in Pniewy on 20 September 1935. Married, two children. Studies – Mechanical Faculty of Technical University of Poznań, 1956, and Academy of Economics, 1961.

The history oh the oldest driving firm, M. Bogajewicz, started in 1890. The firm dealt with renovation over 480 veteran carriages including the 19th-century barge from Petzold manufacture in Warsaw that was used by Fryderyk Chopin, the genial Polish pianist.

The firm manufactured about 70 carriages to be used at costume films including, among others, a copy of Drzymała’s caravan, made in 1977 in celebration of 120th anniversary of his birthday.

Michał Bogajewicz was an owner of Arabian Horse Stud Farm Niewierz. He is the first Polish private breeder whose horse won the title of the Younger Stallions’ Runner-up, Paris 2005 – GIRLAN-BEY oo, born 2002 (Pesal – Gracja-Bis / Monogramm).

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„Historia stadniny Niewierz” (2001) – Michał Bogajewicz, Marek Mucha

„Karety, Bryczki i uprzęże” (1995) – Zbigniew Prus-Niewiadomski

Powozy Michała Bogajewicza (1988) | FILM

Michał Bogajewicz
fundator medalu za „styl i elegancję” w powożeniu.

Bogajewicz Michał i Artur Bober

Medal for „style and elegance” in driving (Zbigniew Dąbrowski – chairman, Hanna Ganowicz, Lesław Kukawski)