Patron Honorowy: Stowarzyszenie Klub Jeździecki Legia-Kozielska


Opiekun: Polski Związek Jeździecki

A silver medallist of Olympic Games Moscow 1980 A quadruple participant of Olympic Games. Gold, silver (twice) and bronze (twice) medallist of Championship of Poland in show jumping.


He was born on 05 April 1941 in Brody Poznańskie, Lwówek district, Poznań voivodship. His father: Stanisław. His mother: Cecylia Batura from home. His daughters: Anna and Katarzyna. His wife: Barbara Rutkowska from home. A graduate of an industrial school. Chief master ensign of Polish Army. A competitor at the Stud Farm in Posadowo, the Stallion Depot in Sieraków Wielkopolski, Popular Sports Association ‘Cwał’ in Poznań, Central Military Sports and Athletics Club ‘Legia’.


In 1966, he won Grand Prix at CHIO in Olsztyn on Berry. In closing his career, he won Grand Prix on Festyn during official CHIO competitions in Sopot in June 1988.

“I owe horses all my life, i.e. the life of a rider and a man” – said Marian Kozicki in June 1999 in Warsaw. “The horses decided about the fact that after ending my career as a competitor and leaving Polish Army I moved to Germany for 18 years’ contract.

He touched horses for the first time at the Stud Farm in Posadowo where his father was a manager of a seed farm. He exercised with a riding instructor Franciszek Głowacz that earlier as a cavalryman (Cavalry Brigade of Great Poland) had fought in 1939 with German invaders.


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Author: Witold Duński

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