Honorary Patron: Pomeranian Equestrian Association, Piotr Krzyżanowski


Guardian: Close family and Mrs. Elżbieta Perec

One of all round competitors in the post-war history of Polish horsemanship. European Champion in Three Days’ Event, Moscow 1965. 


Born on 18 January 1933 in Hnidawa by Tarnopol as son of Stanisław (a miller) and Stanisława, a graduate of the general secondary school in Gniezno (there, he started riding in the custody of Czesław Matławski, director of the Stallion Depot, on his horse Litwor).

While studying at the Wood Faculty of Agricultural Academy in Poznań (graduated in 1955), he rode already systematically at the Centre at Wola district, trained by Jarosław Suchorski, and he began his sports equestrian career there.

Since 957, he rode trained by the cavalry captain Jan Mossakowski.

In general opinion, Marian Babirecki could win on every horse and he rode on many ones.

He won a title of the 2nd runner-up in show jumping on the mare Ekspresja in 1958. The next year – 1959 – he was already the champion in show jumping on Don Hubertus.

The horse of his life was Volt born on 15/05/1953 at the Liski Stud Farm. The Volt’s sire was Polarstern of Trakehnen breed and his dam was Venus of Eat-Prussian breed . In 1958, Volt was transferred to the Sports Centre at Wola district in Poznań. In this way, Marian Babirecki met Volt.

He was placed 8th at 17th Summer Olympic Games in Rome in 1960 from among 73 competitors and this was the best Polish result after 24-years’ pause in Olympic starts.

The 7-years-old Volt started losing his sight. He recovered after three years of therapy. In 1963, while starting after the long pause on Volt at the international Three Days’ Event in Munich, Babirecki was placed 6th from among 52 competitors and Polish team was the runner-up.

1965 – Championships of Europe in Three Days’ Event in Moscow. Marian Babirecki and Volt won the Championship of Europe.

In 1967, Marian Babirecki and Volt finished their career.

Babirecki left for Cuba and became a coach of the national equestrian team of this country.



Wrocław 6 – 07.10.1960 – gold medal on Volt.

Koszalin 8 – 16.09.1961 – silver medal on Dysproz. Olsztyn 22 – 26.08.1962 – gold medal on Dysproz. Gniezno 15 – 1810.1964 – gold medal on Volt. 

Gniezno 22 – 26/09/1965 – bronze medal on Volt. 

Gniezno 23 – 25/09/1966 – silver medal on Volt. Radom 24 – 26.10.1967 – bronze medal on Grigorij.

Show jumping: 

Poznań 2 – 5.10.1958 – bronze medal on Ekspresja. 

Poznań 2 – 3.10.1959 – gold medal on Don Hubertus.

Three Days’ Event: Poczdam, 29.09-2.10.1961 – silver medal on Krokosz.

Łobez 11 – 14.10.1962 – gold medal on Krokosz. 

Łobez 14 – 18.10.1964 – gold medal on Volt.

Marian Babirecki was lost in Atlantic Ocean waves in inexplicable circumstances when doing his favourite sport, the underwater hunting with crossbow, on 05 June 1980. He is buried at the Municipal Cemetery in Mielec, Królowej Jadwigi Street, section 9, row 6, grave number: 14.

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