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„The great successes of Polish equestrianism, world championships, Olympic medals … all this would not be possible without a wide base of conditions such as breeding, tradition, sports and equestrian clubs, and above all people who, thanks to their knowledge and passion, devoted all their life.”

Tomasz Konarski

Grzegorz Konarski was a director of Strzegom Stud Farm for many years. Maria Konarska was the main breeder therein.

Grzegorz Konarski was a founder, a creator of the first successes and many years’ president of the Equestrian Club Stragona Strzegom.


Grzegorz Konarski was born on 16 April 1942 in Kluczewsko in Włoszczowa district, at Konarski’s family property.

His family was connected with land for generations. Grzegorz’s grandfather, Maksymilian Konarski, was born in 1876. He had agricultural university education, managed the estate between 1900 and 1937, made a contribution to the commune development, founded a mill on Czarna river, was a communal judge, a founder of a Grange, a Fire-Brigade and a Savings and Loan Company in Kluczewsko. Besides, he was a member of a district council, Agricultural Association of Kielce and a church supervision. They had three children: Stanisław, Krystyna and Andrzej.


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Author: Artur Bober on the basis of his conversation with Grzegorz Konarski.


Maria Konarska, from home Moraczewska, was born in 1946 at Piotrkowska street in Łódź. Her mother had a dress and elegant clothes studio over there and a flat upstairs. Maria lived there a short time because her parents moved a year later to Odolańska street in Warsaw and she spent her childhood in this place. She keeps in mind her childhood as very happy despite many tragic events that happened to her family.


You can find the whole article and other sources at Polish Digital Equestrian Library (click)

Author: Leszek Karpina on the basis of his conversation with Maria Konarska.

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