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Guardians: Family of Marek Zaleski

A rider, a breeder, a trainer, an activist of Polish Equestrian Association. One of architects of Polish driving legend.


He was born in Łódź on 12 May 1950 and died on 03 July 2021 in Poznań. He was buried at a cemetery in Warsaw.

Read the first part of biography of Marek Zaleski who, together with Kazimierz Stawiński (Starogard Gdański Stallion Depot) Czesław Matławski (Gniezno Stallion Depot), Andrzej Osadziński (Bogusławice Stallion Depot), Tadeusz Czermiński (Sieraków Stallion Depot), Zbigniew Dąbrowski (Książ Stallion Depot), Zbigniew Markowiecz (Starogard Gdański Stallion Depot), was a continuer of Polish horse driving successes:

“His father: Wacław. His mother: Hanna Zielińska from home. His wife: Renata Dziurla from home. He was a graduate of Main School of Planning & Statistics and of Agricultural Academy in Lublin.

Riding was ancestral. Hid grandfather Kazimierz Zaleski worked at Służewiec Racecourse. His father Wacław Zaleski, a knight of the Virtuti Militari, was a rider, an officer of the 1st Regiment of Mounted Rifleman.

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Authors: Witold Duński, Stefan Kęszycki
Author of photos: Piotr Czyrwik

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