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Sponsors: Ewa Wiegandt, Aleksander Zembaczyński, Marcin Marciniak, Jerzy „George” Zbyszewski, Marek Szewczyk

Guardians: Katarzyna Głuszek, Jan Świdziński, Andrzej Gniazdowski

The most outstanding horse breeder in the post-war Poland. A creator of the power of Golejewko Stud Farm and Krasne Stud Farm.


Born on February 19, 1930 in Łaziska in the Zamość region. He died on July 19, 1988 in a hospital in Warsaw. He was buried in Golejewek.

Władysław Byszewski’s memories about Maciej Świdziński:

“At the newly established stud farm in Krasne on 14 July 1988, its manager, Eng. Maciej Świdziński was knocked off during bringing horses from paddocks, fell on a pavement and was concussed severely. The unconscious man was taken to hospital in Ciechanów, then, after 3 days transported to Warsaw where he died on 19th July.

Maciej Świdziński was born in Łaziska at the Zamość region on 19 February 1930. In his family home at that place, he spent his first carefree period of his childhood that was interrupted by the war in September 1939. While living in the countryside, he was in contact with horses from a child and learnt riding on a pony. After the war, he finished a secondary school in Lublin; he could not afford studies due to his difficult financial condition. During summer holidays, he supplemented his income at “Forest” cooperative while gathering ground cover. In 1948 he was at Kozienicka Forest and went to visit a local stud farm. Then, I worked at Kozienice Stud Farm. One day, while riding out on the stallion Sygnet, I met a young boy in the gate. He presented himself and asked my permission to watch horses. I addressed him to the stud groom and kept riding myself. After two years, I met him in Moszna and it appeared that it was just Maciej Świdziński.

Then, he often reproached in fun that I had sent him away to the stud groom and had kept riding myself.

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The article by Marek Szewczyk on Maciej Świdziński:

“If he lived, he would be 90 years old on 19th February.
Who? Maciej Świdziński, the greatest breeder of English Thoroughbreds in the post-war period. The long-term (1959-1987) manager of the Stud Farm in Golejewko. His achievements will never be outperformed, not only in state-owned breeding – since it is dying out – but in Polish breeding in general. Horses bred by him won Derby at Służewiec (in the period 1962-1986) as many as 15 times! And twice (Neman and Korab) in Vienna, too. Moreover, 9 wins at Oaks, 12 in Wielka Warszawska, 15 at Prime Minister Prize and 15 at St. Leger.”

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In the photo: Breeders at Moszna Stud (from the left) Jerzy Jaworski, Maciej Świdziński,
Władysław Byszewski and Hubert Szaszkiewicz. Photo B. Imiołczyk.