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Sponsor: Krasne Horse Stud

Guardian: Wiesław Kołakowski

An aristocrat, a breeder and a farmer. A founder of the first in Poland English Thoroughbred stud farm (Krasne).


Ludwik Adam Krasiński was born in 1833 and died on 22 April 1895 in Warsaw. He is buried in Krasne.

He was a Spanish grandee, an Austrian chamberlain and a Knight of Malta. He transformed the “ancestral nest” into the well thrifty estate and then into the stud farm (1857), that functioned until 1939. The Krasne Stud Farm was reactivated in 1987.

Horses were the count Krasiński’s passion from always and his famous stable ‘Dobrogost’ was compared to the famous Sanguszko dukes’ stables.

Among others, the famous Ruler, the winner of the greatest races in imperial Russia including All-Russian Derby in Moscow in 1887, came from his breeding.

Information from the brochure by Witold Pruski “Observations on coming into being of national male and female foundation stocks in English Thoroughbred breeding in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe can bear testimony of his breeding power

Prof. Witold Pruski mentioned 16 the most deserved foundation stocks therein and 7 of which came from the breeding or import of the count Ludwik Krasiński:

1. Foundation stock of ELOQUENCE born 1853 (Chatham – Syntaxina) in England and imported by Ludwik Krasiński in 1857.

2. Foundation stock of LITTLE PEGGOTTY born 1856 (The Flying Dutchman – Venison Mare) in England and imported by Ludwik Krasiński in 1859.

3. Foundation stock of EVEN born 1857 (Stockwell – Equal) in England and imported by Ludwik Krasiński in 1859.

4. Foundation stock of ILIAS born 1867 (Incognito – Concette) in Germany, imported into Poland via Sweden by the coach Lino and bought from him by Ludwik Krasiński.

5. Foundation stock of HOURI born 1871 (Monarque – Cast-off)) in France and imported by Ludwik Krasiński in 1874. 

6. Foundation stock of MISS MELBOURNE born 1877 (Y.Melbourne – Vedette Filly) in Russia and bought by Ludwik Krasiński. 

7. Foundation stock of CORNALINE born 1880 (Carnelion – Ada Byron) in England and imported by Ludwik Krasiński in 1883.

While making such spectacular purchases, Polish breeders believed in the subsequent wins of their horses. Their wins in succession, among others at 1st and 2nd Derby of Russia, created a great sensation and, more importantly, sustained Poles’ faith in the future free Motherland.

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