Breeder: Stado Ogierów Książ
Sponsor: Ośrodek Hodowli Zarodowej w Kamieńcu Ząbkowickim


LOKAN – the son of Largis śl and Lokana by Glockner old – was born at the Stallion Depot in Książ in 2001 and died in April 2018. Małgorzata Studzińska, the Main Breeder at Książ Stallion Depot, remembers him as a foal to this day because the foal’s beauty was delightful just after his birth.

He is the most titled Polish carriage horse until now – both in respect of sport and breeding. Bred at Książ Stallion Depot – he achieved significant successes for Polish equestrian sport within his all career.

One of his greatest assets was his beauty above average. This beautiful coal black stallion had a magic spell to attract attention. 

He succeeded already as four-year-old while winning National Exhibition of Livestock Animals in Poznań. Then his career merged with Bartłomiej Kwiatek – the today’s leading competitor in horse carriage driving. This very pair succeeded in the country and Europe and their greatest successes are as follows:
4 gold medals of the Single Driving Championships of Poland; the silver medal of the World Single Driving Championships, Pratoni del Vivaro (ITA) 2010; the dressage test won at the World Single Driving Championships, Lezirias (POR) 2012; the wins at International Competitions CAI3*: Kladruby nad Labem (CZE), Police nad Metuji (CZE), Altenfelden (AUT), Nebanice (CZE), Nemcice u Kolina (CZE)

A gold medal was missing at Lokan’s collection of International Equestrian Federation medals; in 2018, Sonet, the Silesian stallion from the same stable won such a gold medal .

Lokan was a horse gifted with features of true-born athlete. He was awake perfectly to his strong points. His every extended trot set people agog – and his movement – stop and motionlessness (10 seconds) was evaluated as 10 in 90%. Bartłomiej Kwiatek and Lokan understood perfectly one another – wherethrough they created the unsurmountable Team. This was reflected splendidly in obstacle cone driving competitions where their result was repeatedly “double zero”.

Lokan travelled willingly. He visited almost whole Europe. He was brave and courageous but somewhat lazy; he had his own opinion on some issues. He was decidedly an individualist. He never liked loud music or announcer’s voice in loudspeakers. He didn’t fall for a view of a white fur put on a halter or the one placed on a coach box. He was a great gourmand and always waited anxiously for the next meal during the day. Anyway, when out of training, his lines took after an in-foal mare very quickly. He trusted the people around him very much but was requiring, too. In a horse truck, he always came in the first stall – and he felt best there. At Książ Stallion Depot – his home – his loose-box at stable V was situated opposite the main entrance to honour the real Star.

Due to his successes and charm, he was presented during many shows. He entered an arena as a living Legend of Polish combined driving and Polish breeding. He was invited, among others, to the show Pride of Poland in Janów Podlaski where he hammered Arabian horses with his beauty, movement and monumentality. 

As a leading sire, he came true in 100%. While alive, he came the award-winning offspring. The stallion Bazyli (Lokan / Bazylia by Palant) was the World Champion and the 2nd Vice-Champion of Young Horses World Driving Championships; the stallion Epilog (Lokan / Egida by Nomen) was the Champion of Poland and the Vice-Champion of Young Horses World Driving Championships; the stallion Renesans (Lokan / Regencja by Bank) and the gelding Aromat (Lokan / Aronia by Nomen) were the finalists of the Young Horses World Driving Championships.

In 2018, his offspring medalled in the next World Championships. The above-mentioned Renesans won the bronze medal of Young Horses World Driving Championships in six-year-old category in 2018. Whereas, the mentioned Aromat was the silver medallist of the Young Horses World Driving Championships in 2019.

Lokan’s descendants prove correct also in pair of horses or four-in-hand driving; they attend Championships of Poland and Poland’s Cup and win medals.

Lokan was an inseparable element of Książ Stallion Depot. He was a Friend of all – and everybody bestowed much attention on him. The Silesian horses became the brand in the world just thanks to him among others. After the driven dressage competitions with Lokan’s participation, the competitors and breeders from abroad used to come to see the Champion admiringly. They admitted amazedly more than once that it was surprising to see such a big horse with the “round belly” that move in that manner. 
Author: Justyna Dera