Honorary Patron: Stowarzyszenie Miłośników Dawnej Broni i Barwy


Guardians: Krystyna Kukawska, Zygmunt Kukawski, Monika Słowik

A horse breeder, a cavalry historian, an activist and an equestrian judge. A former president of the department of the Old Weapon and Colours Association in Poznań.


Lesław Kukawski was born in Lvov on 07 April 1930 as a son of Zygmunt, a graduate of Wood Faculty of Technical University of Lvov, and Janina Stańkowska from home. He died on February 10, 2016. His funeral took place on February 20 at the Trzcianka cemetery.

He died on 10 February 2016. His funeral took place on 20th February at the cemetery in Trzciana.

From childhood, he was interested in army and history thanks to his family’s attachment to national traditions and struggles for independence.


His work at stud farms gave him practical knowledge of hippology; then he dealt with history of mounted armies. He gathered literature and objects connected to mounted formations, transferred to him by former soldiers living in the country and abroad or bought if necessary and affordable. He brought carpet-bags full of militaria from his uncle living in London since the war. When his collection was too large to find room at the house in Pańska Łaska, he transferred it to Museum of Cavalry Training Centre in Grudziądz in 1990s.

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Author: Aleksandra Szulen-Kukawska

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„Lesław Kukawski (wspomnienie)” (2020) – Aleksandra Szulen-Kukawska

„Zarys dziejów zorganizowanej hodowli koni w Wielkopolsce 1895-1995” (1995) – Lesław Kukawski

„Militari. Konne Mistrzostwa WP” (2004) – Lesław Kukawski

„Wyścigi a wojsko II Rzeczypospolitej” (2004) – Lesław Kukawski

„Polski dosiad czym był Grudziądz dla polskiego jeździectwa” (2002) – Lesław Kukawski

„Pierwszy redaktor naczelny 'Konia Polskiego’ nie żyje” (1989) – Lesław Kukawski

„Lesław Kukawski i jego zbiory” (1986) – Marek Szewczyk

„Koń w życiu i kulturze” (1985) – Lesław Kukawski

„Stanisław Wotkowski i jego Jeździec i Myśliwy” (1965) – Lesław Kukawski

Some argue that there are no irreplaceable people – this saying does not apply, however, in the case of the late Lesław Kukawski. With him, the vast knowledge of the Polish cavalry of the 20th century passed away. It is good that in his books and articles he shared with us some of the knowledge he had. For several decades he was a tireless researcher and propagator of the history of cavalry …

Author: Marek Fijałkowski
Lesław Kukawski in Nieświastów on the French Anglo-Arab, the stallion Bijou; year 1950.
Photo from the archive of Lesław Kukawski.
Medal for „style and elegance” in driving (Zbigniew Dąbrowski, Hanna Ganowicz, Lesław Kukawski)