Breeder: Stadnina Koni Michałów

Kwestura (Monogramm – Kwesta/Pesennik) was born on 10 February 1995 and she stole the show already as a foal. She was very nice, extremely pleasing and trustful; she felt attracted by people. At the stable, she greeted us with whinny while expecting a dainty, a sugar lump or a piece of apple.


The fame attained by Kwestura in Paris induced us to put the mare on auction Pride of Poland in 2008.

Mariusz Liśkiewicz showed out Kwestura to the ring – the mare tooked magnificently while being at her peak of physical shape. Her show was splendid, she danced soaringly and delighted everybody.

The auction was exciting and a happy purchaser was Ajman Stud from United Arab Emirates while paying a record amount – €1,125,000.

Only in 2015, Pepita, Extern’s daughter from Janów, broke this record. Kwestura founded an excellent training centre to her host stud farm – a large hall and two stables for 60 loose-boxes in total. We call it the ‘Kwestura Centre’.

Author: Urszula & Jerzy Białobok (read more – click)

photo: Stuart Vesty; from Urszula & Jerzy Białobok’s collection

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