Breeder: or. ar. Półwysep Arabski
Sponsor: Zbigniew Kotowski


ROMAN PANKIEWICZ, a breeder from Albigowa Stud Farm who bred BASK that was proclaimed a ‘revelation of America’, describes the foundation stock of KUHAILAN HAIFI (brought by BOGDAN ZIĘTARSKI) at the magazine Kurier Arabski 19/20/1998 as follows:

“Kuhailan Haifi was bought from Bedouins by Bohdan Ziętarski in 1931 for prince Sanguszko’s Gumniska. This stallion delighted with his beauty even such an expert as B. Ziętarski. Unfortunately, he died already in 1934 while leaving only small number of descendants but splendid Ofir 1933 (out of Dziwa by Abu Mlech, that was considered the most valuable mare in the interwar period) was among them.

Ofir was used extensively at Janów Podlaski Stud Farm. Unfortunately, almost all of his descendants were taken to USSR in 1939 or died during the war. Only few his daughters were left as well as four his sons of which Wyrwidąb 1938 was taken to Germany, Witeź II 1938 was taken to U.S.A. (he was much-deserved for breeding of that place) but Wielki Szlem 1938 and Witraż 1938 were used for breeding in Poland.

Wielki Szlem 1938 (out of Elegantka by Bakszysz – one of most valuable Polish mares) made the greatest contribution for Polish breeding. His offspring was beautiful and brave. His son Czort 1949 (out of Forta by Kuhailan Abu Urkub – a very valuable dam) ran perfectly himself as his offspring did. His son El Paso 1957 (out of Ellora by Witraż – a valuable dam of stallions) was rented out to U.S.A. where he won the title of Champion of U.S.A. After return, he was used in breeding and with mare Etruria 1975 (Champion of Poland, European Champion and World Champion) he gave stallion Etogram 1981 – Older Stallions Champion of Poland 1994 – that was inbred in the third and fourth generation for the very valuable mare Elza 1942, a dam of many stallions. His beauty and splendid pedigree predispose him as a valuable leading sire.

The second El Paso’s son that was used in breeding in Poland is Europejczyk 1982 (out of Europa by Bandos – Mare Champion of Poland), Stallion Champion 1988, brave at a racecourse (he won Derby, Criterium and all races he started wherein). His son Egzamin 1989 (out of Eza by Bandos out of Eufonia – one of the most valuable mares in Kurozwęki) is already used in breeding. His origin is as good as this of his sire but we must wait for his offspring a couple of years.

The second Ofir’s son – Witraż 1938 (out of Makata by Fetysz – a very beautiful mare) is much-deserved in breeding. He was more beautiful than Wielki Szlem and used to give more beautiful offspring but not so brave at a racecourse. His much-deserved son was Celebes 1949 (out of Canaria by Trypolis – a very valuable mare) that was used at circus and then in breeding, extensively.

One of Witraż’s sons sold to U.S.A. was Bask 1956 (out of Bałałajka by Amurath Sahib) called a ‘revelation of America’. He won a series of U.S.A. Championships, was a splendid stallion, a sire of champions (stallions and mares); he gave more than 100 descendants in U.S.A. One of his most valuable sons in U.S.A. was Gdańsk 1968 (out of Gdynia by Comet out of Gwozdawa by Nabor) that combined the blood of these both splendid stallions.

In 1992, a mare sh Carmen 1984 was bought from U.S.A.; she was in foal with Tabasco 1982 that is Gdańsk’s grandson. This mare gave birth to a colt Cliinntonn in Poland in 1993. This is a horse of entirely Polish pedigree. At the ‘Private Poland’s Breeders and Owners Horse Show’ in Warsaw in 1997, he was placed the first in his class, won the title of Older Stallions Champion and also was recognized as the Most Popular Horse of the Show by the public. This title is owing to him fully…”

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„Ród ogiera Kuhailan Haifi” (1984) – Roman Pankiewicz