Sponsor: Jan Ludwiczak – a Chairman of Agro-Handel

Equestrian Club „Agro Handel”, Śrem
Olsza 29, 63-100 Śrem
Installation date: 1998

Equestrian Club „Agro Handel”, Śrem, was registered on 13 November 1998 as an association.

Then, Jan Ciesielski became a chairman of the club and he performs this function to this day.

At first, an equestrian school functioned at the stable Olsza. Then, on initiative of Jan Ludwiczak, the chairman of Agro-Handel, the equestrian sport on a professional level was developed.

Consequently, Jan Ludwiczak became a promotor of many excellent jumpers starting in green colours with red and yellow emblem.

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Author: BoberTeam

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