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A cavalry captain. 15th Regiment of Uhlans of Poznań. A silver medallist of Olympic Games in Amsterdam 1928 in show jumping on Mylord.


Born on 08 October 1901 in Rostov-on-Don He died on 25 June 1986 in London.

His father: Aleksander. His mother: Wanda Scipio del Campo from home. A graduate of a grammar school in Smieła, Kiev guberniya, Infantry Cadet School in Warsaw, Cavalry Training Centre in Grudziądz, Central Gymnastics and Sport School in Poznań. N.C.O. of 11th Regiment of Don Uhlans at Voluntary Russian Army, 2nd Dragoon Regiment of cavalry captain Kossak, 3rd Independent Unit of Border Riflemen, 6th Regiment of Mounted Riflemen, 1st Light Cavalrymen Regiment, a second lieutenant of 15th Regiment of Uhlans of Poznań.


Amsterdam: 17th May – 12th August 1928 – silver medal on Mylord together with Michał Antoniewicz-Woysym on Readgledt and Kazimierz Szosland on Ali. In individual show jumping, he was placed fourth on Mylord.

Before he was the Olympic medallist in 1928, he had been a soldier first.

Since 1919, the senior rifleman Kazimierz Gzowski fought for Poland at 2nd Dragoon Regiment. Since 06 August 1919, he was a corporal at 6th Regiment of Mounted Riflemen. Since September 1920, he fought as a platoon leader at a squadron of heavy machineguns of 1st Light Cavalrymen Regiment.

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Author: Witold Duński

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