Honorary Patron: Skrzyczne mountain shelter

Sponsor: Mayor of the City of Żywiec – Antoni Szlagor


A horse breeder, a celebrity in the Żywiec region, shrouded in mystery. A man who devoted all his life to „Polish Arabian horses”


He was born somewhere in the Borderlands in 1889.

“Gozdawa” is the old Polish noble coat of arms – two silver lilies, one up and one down in the red field; it was already known in 14th century.

Józef Gozdawa-Tyszkowski was an aristocrat in mind but was not a man of fortune: a man of reliable knowledge and experience, hard-working, resolute and sacrifice-capable in critical situations. Among strangers, he was awe-inspiring with his posture – over 1.90 m high, a powerful physique, a peaked face.

He was born somewhere in Borderland in 1889. When outbreak of World War II occurred, he administered the stud farm of Arabians in Stare Sioło near Bobrówka.

The war epos of the Tyszkowski’s family and Arabian horses that they saved led through Dębica, Brzesko, Cracow, Żywiec, Bażanowice (by Cieszyn), Mimoň (Bohemia), Topoľčianky (Slovakia), from where they were transported finally to Nowy Dwór at the Żywiec region where Józef Tyszkowski became a manger of the stud farm of Arabians.

The horses bred in Nowy Dwór won Derby of Poland 7 times after the war.

The most famous stallion of Nowy Dwór was COMET oo (1953-1964) [Abu Afas – Carmen / Trypolis] – one of 100 stars of Polish breeding and sport within the past century. First of all, this superb leading sire gave excellent mares. His lineage was characterized by not only the outstanding, modern beauty but also the great racing abilities.

Józef Tyszkowski died on 02/12/1974, at the age of 85. He is buried with his wife and son at the cemetery in Radziechowy village by Żywiec.

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