For two years after the war, I had been seeking out Polish thoroughbreds robbed by Germans. Since I could not become reconciled with a new political situation in Poland, I emigrated to South Africa where I created a Lipizza horse team after the fashion of Spanish Riding School in Vienna.

Jerzy Iwanowski

Honorary Patron: Polski Związek Jeździecki


Guardians: Maria Iwanowska

A soldier, a cavalryman, an officer of the 1st Armoured Division commanded by Gen. Maczek. A creator of a Lipizza Horses riding school in Johannesburg.


Jerzy Iwanowski was born in a noble family at Lebiodka estate (situated within actual borders of Belarus, around 120 km directly from Polish border). As an eleven years old boy, he was a witness of the independence recovery in 1918. When adult, he participated actively in the independence establishment as a doctor, a farmer, a landed proprietor, a horse breeder and a soldier at the same time. He took part in the World War II and settled in Africa after the war. He spent the last years of his life in Poland. In his autobiographical book “Times of my life”, he shared his heart-nearest ideas.

His history is an excellent example of a patriotic attitude expressed in an activity in the interest of his Motherland under any circumstances.

As a young graduate of the secondary school named after Tadeusz Reytan in Warsaw, Jerzy Iwanowski started medical studies at Warsaw University and then he finished Main School of Farming in Warsaw. At the same time, aged 24, he finished Cavalry Reserve Cadet School in Grudziądz in 1931 as a platoon officer cadet with an assignment to 1st Krechowieccy Uhlans Regiment named after Bolesław Mościcki in Augustów. After completion of obligatory military reserve exercises, he was appointed as a reserve second lieutenant with an assignment to 23rd Grodzieńscy Uhlans Regiment. Not long after his 27th birthday, on 02 May 1934, he was brought to his host 1st Krechowieccy Uhlans Regiment. On 17 November 1936, he finished agricultural studies and started working at National Horse Breeding Works in the position of a deputy manager of the Stallion’s Depot in Bogusławice. On 01 January 1937, he got promotion as a cavalry reserve lieutenant. He was about 30 years old then.


Author: Urszula Kowalczuk

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Jerzy Iwanowski died on 28 May 2008 aged 101.
He was buried at Oliwski Cemetery in Gdańsk.

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