Breeder: N.N.
Sponsor: Artur Bieńkowski

xo [POL/HUN] (NN) (gelding) born in 1905

During competitions in Piotrków Trybunalski in 1922, Mr Hordyński from neighbourhood of Tarnobrzeg identified him as Mantel (then Jasiek) enlisted in 1909; during these competitions, Jasiek was 17 years old.

Adam Królikiewicz describes Jasiek in his book “From Nice to New York” as follows:

(…) This small, inconspicuous horse was practically old when he reached his peak of performance. As 18 years old horse, he afforded a simply incredible performance. (…) In extremely difficult weather conditions, Jasiek beat one hundred and tens splendid horses of Europe and won the Great Award of Nice – Grand Prix de la Ville de Nice. In the presence of Gen. Władysław Sikorski who was a guest of honour at Nice-competition, the mayor of the city decorated Jasiek with the victorious ribbon and handed the splendid trophy to his rider: the challenge cup for Polish Ministry of Military Affairs. (…)

You can read more on Jasiek in the article by Adam Królikiewicz that was issued in the magazine
Przekrój no. 669 (05/1958) p. 5-8,22

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„Historia mojego konia Jaśka” (1958) – Adam Królikiewicz

„Jasiek, Picador i Ja” (1958) – Adam Królikiewicz

Nicea 1923. Porucznik Królikiewicz skacze na Jaśku w konkursie o Prix de Monaco