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Sponsor: Barbara Towpik-Roszkiewicz
Guardians: Muzeum Południowego Podlasia

A painter, an illustrator of natural books and atlases, an animalist. An art visionary (


Janusz Towpik was born on 18th July 1934 in Cieszyn, however he was bound with Warsaw all his life.

In 1959, he graduated at Architecture Faculty of Technical University of Warsaw. He studied painting as an unregistered student at Academy of Arts in Warsaw under the leadership of Prof. Michał Bylina.
Based on his works submitted, he was admitted to Polish Painters’ Association in 1962. Beginning from this year, he has been an assistant and then a lecturer at Drawing, Painting and Sculpture Department of Architecture Faculty of Technical University of Warsaw for near 15 years.

Within seventies, he worked with Zoo in Warsaw where he created he iconographic archive and also he used to conduct the artistic club for children; it was one of the first clubs of this type in Europe.

Beginning from sixties, he illustrated popularized scientific books, natural textbooks and atlases but first of all, he was an author of illustrations for about 30 books for children and young people as well as a dozen or so fairytales for slide projector. He worked with such magazines as ‘Łowca Polski’, ‘Płomyk’ or ‘Przyroda Polska’.

He designed also small graphic forms, among others postage stamps, postcards, exlibrises, logotypes and match labels. He was an author of countless sketches and drawings inspired by Polish nature. He was a horse expert and lover.

He took part in number of contests and exhibitions. His last works included a cycle of awarded hunting tapestry designs and an inlay series designed based on the similar motives.

Text author: Barbara Towpik-Roszkiewicz

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1967 – All-Poland Contest of Belles-Lettres Illustrations – 3rd prize for illustrations
to J. Lasocka’ book ‘Król poluje’

1968 – ZPAP Contest entitled ‘Rider and horse’ – 1st prize for the coupon-book cycle

1978 – the Great Prize of European Philately and the prize of President of France at XXXII Autumn Philatelic Showroom in Paris for the postage stamps of series ‘Trees’

1978 – 1st prize at the 1st All-Poland Contest of Painting Designs of Tapestries for South Poland Castles, within the department ‘Hunting and game shooting’

1980 – the Special Prize at XXII Publishers’ Contest ‘The Most Beautiful Books of 1979’
for illustrations to the book by L. Sterpellone ‘Cudowna maszyna. Fantastyczne tajemnice ludzkiego ciała’


Illustration to the book by Janina Lasocka
‘Król poluje’ (unpublished), 3rd prize
at All-Poland Contest of
Belles-Lettres Illustrations – 1967
Illustration to the book by Halina Górska
‘O księciu Gotfrydzie, rycerzu
gwiazdy wigilijnej’
Nasza Księgarnia 1971
The work of the cycle ‘Silhouette of a rider and a horse over centuries’ – seventies
‘Rider and horse’ coupon-book design 1968, 1st prize for the cycle of 5 coupon-books
at All-Poland Mixed Contest ‘Rider and horse’
Illustration to the book by
Zygmunt Katuszewski
‘Włodyka praojciec królów’
Nasza Księgarnia 1978

Illustration to the book
‘Myśliwy Charibu. Baśnie wschodnie’ gathered
and developed by Ananij Brindarow,
Nasza Księgarnia 1968

Illustration to the book by Ruth Manning-Saundrs
‘O śpiącym królewiczu. Greckie baśnie ludowe.’ Nasza Księgarnia 1969
Illustration to the book by Janusz Głowacki
‘Miłość i korona’, Nasza Księgarnia 1970
Design of the tapestry ‘Bustard fowling’ 1979
‘Covey by the lake’ 1977, owned by South Podlasie Museum in Biała Podlaska