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A cavalry captain of Polish Army, a rider, an Olympian from Berlin, a medallist of Championships of Poland in Three Days’ Event. After the war, he was a trainer in England and Argentina.


Born on October 9, 1905 in Warsaw.

We thank Ms Krystyna Rutkowska for preparation of the comprehensive biography of Janusz Komorowski. Below, we publish the introduction, and the rest of the article is available at Polish Digital Equestrian Library – the editorial staff of Polish Equestrian Legends.

I met Janusz Komorowski in 1987 when I was gathering materials to biographies of cavalrymen and Polish outstanding riders. I called with request for meeting and the Major asked me round straight off.

He lived at ul. Czerniakowska 157 m12, his heart-near place due to memories, in the neighbourhood of ul. Podchorążych where barracks of 1st Horse-Artillery Unit were located before the war and ul. Szwoleżerów where barracks of 1st Light Cavalrymen Regiment were located formerly. The Major hated lateness, so I came earlier, waited at the door and knocked on the door just-in-time.

After the first meeting, I visited the unusually hospitable home of Mr and Mrs Komorowski on regular basis; hot tea with raspberries and a glass of cherry vodka were always on the table. I switched the tape recorder on and the Major related. Our meetings were quickly transformed into discussions about life and our Polish, not easy history.

In addition to tens of hours of his stories recorded on the tape, I received from the Major his souvenir photo with dedication and the negatives of pictures from his private archive. Several articles and a film emitted at Polish Television arose from our conversations. The Major agreed to appear in the film but did not agree to speak to a camera, so we recorded his statements separately (so called offs) and put them at scenes made with the camera. (…)

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Author: Krystyna Rudowska

Janusz Komorowski died on November 24, 1993 in Warsaw , at the age of 88. He was buried at the Powązki Cemetery in Warsaw (225-6-12).

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